What’s learnt in the cradle

What’s learnt in the cradle … Gwenny’s father, an amateur photographer, kindled her interest in photography at an early age. When he left her his Pentax K1000, she immediately went to work with it. She enrolled at the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts in Antwerp, where she took two years of lessons. She was enthused by the intriguing play of light and dark, colour and shadows.


In 2000, Gwenny Eeckels put her photography studies on hold. Because of her professional activities in the entertainment industry, she was in constant contact with musicians and artists. Gwenny: “I had the opportunity to photograph Helmut Lotti for his album The Crooners – a chance I grabbed with both hands. And the work bore fruit: the pictures fit in perfectly with the evergreen theme – a cheeky homage to the forties.”

From analogue to digital

Gwenny completed her studies in evening school. She was fascinated by the differences in analogue and digital photography. She loved the arty and crafty aspects of ‘old’ photography. But was also very fond of the more accessible and commercial digital photography.

Lifting the veil

Gwenny’s ultimate passion: portraits that capture the beauty of faces, marked by life, in a single shot. Gwenny: “We are all born with a more or less ‘unspoken’ expression. As we age, our face expresses our personality more and more. And it also reflects our individual experiences. It is my ambition to portray faces in such a way as to uncover the underlying soul. Like telling the story of a lifetime in a single shot.”

The studio

The studio

Gwenny Eeckels studio
Gwenny Eeckels Studio Make up
Studio Gwenny Eeckels Greenroom


Gwenny Eeckels Photography
Korte Sint-Annastraat 6
B – 2000 Antwerpen
+ 32 (0) 477 60 01 60

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Gwenny Eeckels Photographer Korte Sint Annastraat 6, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
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Gwenny Eeckels Photographer,
Korte Sint Annastraat 6, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium